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Taylor’s Beach Campground offers affordable family camping with seasonal, overnight, weekly and monthly campsite rentals. It’s a great place for your family and friends to have fun and enjoy time together. Yearly site rental solves storage problems and saves gasoline. It’s like having your own cottage up north, but close to home!

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Reasons To Choose Our Campground

We will make sure your stay with us is memorable, pleasant and enjoyable. You will be a happy camper! We guarantee it.

One-hour guarantee: If for any reason, within one hour after check in, you are not a happy camper, we will give you a full refund.

We know how you want to be treated. You can expect service like a 4-star hotel.

What Our Families Say

" We liked that the beach, park and rec room are all in the same area and updated with cool features and toys. Also, the bathroom is very clean. It’s obvious that the Taylor family wants the campers to have a good experience! There really wasn’t anything we didn’t like, my one suggestion might be to add a “Dance Dance Revolution” to the arcade. "

Note from owner: The Taylors agreed with DeAnna. 10 weeks later, the arcade game room was given a makeover with a Dance Dance Revolution and several other fun family amusement games.

DeAnna Stepanenko
DeAnna Stepanenko

"My family and I have been enjoying camping every weekend in 2009. Your campground was by far the best and easiest on the pocketbook (in terms of gas). Your clean facilities and various activities made it an enjoyable visit for the entire family. We look forward to coming back to your campground this year. In fact, we are interested in signing up for a seasonal site so we can continue enjoying your facilities in 2010."

Dave Janda
Dave Janda

” Our first visit to Taylor’s Beach was Labor Day Weekend 2009. We were SO PLEASED with the friendliness, helpfulness and just the overall weekend experience! It was a wonderful weekend! It was so hard to go home. Every day since Labor Day, our little joke to each other when things around home and/or work get stressful is, “Is it time to go camping yet!?” We are so excited also about finding such an awesome location to become a ‘seasonal’ someday. “

Ken & Tari Bramlett
Ken & Tari Bramlett

” When we decided to get a seasonal campsite, we diligently looked around and created a list of campgrounds for our children to choose from. With kids aged 16, 7, and 4; we tried to select campgrounds where the kids would have plenty of activities to keep them busy. We had selected campgrounds from Western Michigan to Sandusky, Ohio. When we sat down to talk to the kids, without missing a beat, each declared “Taylors Beach!” as their top choice.

We were thrilled because it was OUR favorite campground and also the closest to home!”

Greg and Krystal Leece
Greg and Krystal LeeceBelleville, Michigan

“We have been to TBC two weekends this summer and are upgrading to seasonal for 2009. The pictures and words on your site really do not do the campground justice! The campground is very clean and has nice sized sites. I really enjoyed the fact that the restrooms were extremely clean and there were little extras in there such as soap/lotion/hair dryers/shampoo, benches in the shower, and the music was a nice gesture. The hands-free paper towel dispensers and soap/faucets are great for not spreading germs! I also loved the fact that it was family friendly, with “no swearing” and all of the family and kid activities. The fact that the kids are not constantly needing $$ to have a good time is great! It was a great place to stay, and both weekends were a blast! I highly recommend this campground to anyone … especially those with kids! ”

Kristen and Joe Shopshear
Kristen and Joe ShopshearWayne, Michigan

“Just want to thank you for a wonderful weekend. We were new to your campground and I can’t say I have stayed at a campground that even compares. Check in was quick and everyone was very nice. The sites were large and very clean. Several times I was approached by employees to make sure everything was ok and there was nothing we needed. The bathrooms were unbelievable-I did not shower until about 11, and they were still clean! The little extras were great-music in the showers (I LOVED THAT), the nice, clean mirrors and blow dryers. I can’t think of a campground that even comes close. My brother and I discussed how we will return again, and recommend the campground to our friends. Again, thank you for a wonderful weekend.”

Pam Messing
Pam MessingHolly, Michigan

“My family and I enjoy camping at Taylor’s Beach. Campfires, horseshoes and great friends make for real fun weekends. My wife and I have made great friends at the campground and look forward to many more fun camping seasons at Taylor’s Beach.”

Kevin Crowe
Kevin CroweGarden City, Michigan

“Just one short hour’s drive from our downriver home, my husband Chris and I live for the weekends at Taylor’s Beach. Beautiful grounds, great friends, good food and other ‘happy campers’ make the summers such a joy. Fourth of July fireworks were awesome this year and made the newspaper. We anticipate another year’s fun and activities at Taylor’s Beach.”

Misty Willey
Misty WilleyTaylor, Michigan

“A really great place to be all summer long, with really great people.”

R.L. Gibbs
R.L. GibbsNewport, Michigan

“I’ve been coming here since I was a kid. My wife and I now have a permanent site. We like the fact that it’s only 30 minutes from home. It’s the best entertainment money we spend. We enjoy the peaceful country atmosphere, horseshoes, swimming, or just sitting watching the lake. We also have a great time with our fellow campers from potlucks to great holiday weekends. Taylor’s Beach is a fun place to relax!”

Ken and Liz Thompson
Ken and Liz ThompsonNorthville, Michigan

“We were coming here to visit friends, having to pack and unpack everything. Now we are renting a seasonal campsite and all we need to do is put the awning down until the next weekend. The friends that we made are now like an extended family. Taylor’s Beach is a great time away from home.”

Dennis and Denise Ritthaler
Dennis and Denise RitthalerWarren, Michigan

“My wife, Jessica and I visited your campground in December and went back this past weekend. We were impressed with the improvements that we see being made, impressed enough to sign up for the next season. It looks like you are going to turn this into something special, and we want to get in on the beginning of this makeover. If you have any weekend for your members to help with spring cleaning or to do any sprucing up at the start of the season, please let us know. We will try to schedule our time to help. Carol has been very pleasant to deal with and we are looking forward to this summer. Congratulations on the work that we see going into your campground!”

Mike and Jessica DeRousie
Mike and Jessica DeRousieLivonia, Michigan

“The amenities at the beach were great! The kids had a blast and the fishing was great. I couldn’t believe how clean the bathrooms were!”

“Met some very nice people. Liked the whole experience. Your web site was right on the money. ‘A+.’ Keep up the good work. Yes, we will be back ASAP.”

“Love, love, love the new upgrades! We are thrilled to see so many wonderful, positive changes. Foam pit was our favorite activity.”

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Read more Happy Camper comments