Campground Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who do I call if I have a problem?
A. Call the office staff during office hours at 517.546.2679. After the office is closed call the owner, Alan Taylor, at 586.489.0360.

Q. How do I re-enter the campground through the security gate after the office is closed?
A. A gate access card is required to enter the campground after office hours. Please request a card at the office ($20 refundable deposit required) upon check-in.

Q. What is the speed limit within the campground?
A. 5 MPH. PLEASE obey the speed limit for the safety of all campers.

Q. Is TV service available at campsites with hook ups? Is there a charge?
A. The TV service is available, and free. However, unfortunately, the system is very unreliable. We highly recommend that you bring DVDs or a DVR receiver to hook up to your camper’s TV. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Q. Should I count on the free Wi Fi internet service being reliable or available?
A. NO, due to the trees, excessive number of campers accessing the system, system problems beyond our control and/or internet provider outages service is often unavailable. If it’s urgent that you send or receive an email the office staff will be happy to let use a computer.

Q: What can I expect from the sites at Taylor’s Beach Campground?
A. Our natural environment does not allow for perfectly level sites. Our lakefront sites (L1-L8) and sites 44-49 are the most level. Please also note, in the early spring, some sites may be wet. If you have concerns about any type of site conditions, please call the office.

Q. How do I find out what activities are scheduled for the weekend?
A. You can get a general idea from our calendar of events listed on this web site. Saturday games, arts and crafts and activities are usually from 1 until 2:30 p.m. The schedule of event and times will be posted on the bulletin board located on the front wall of the restroom/recreation building. Please check with the office if you have any questions.

Q. Can we bring our boat or personal watercraft with us?
A. Yes, there are two all-sports lakes nearby. You can leave the watercraft in the parking area near the office. Boats are not allowed to be brought into the campground; we do provide row boats, paddle boats and kayaks at very low rental rates.

Q. If I don’t ride along on the hayride with my child, where will the drop-off location be?
A. Not all hayrides are at scheduled times, the hay wagon will start and pick up and drop off near the playground area. The ride will last about 30-40 minutes and campers will be picked up throughout the campground.

Q. Are pit bulls, rottweilers or aggressive dogs welcome at Taylor’s Beach?
A No. Please see our pet policy for complete details.

Q. Are we allowed to have a campfire on our campsite?
A. Yes, please help save our grass by locating the fire ring on a spot where a campfire has already burned.

Q. Can I bring my own firewood into the campground?
A. Yes, but only if it came from within Livingston County, you must have written proof and the name/address/phone number of the property owner where the wood was obtained. These measures are required by law to prevent the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer in Michigan.

Q: Can I buy all of my supplies at the camp store?
A. To ensure freshness of perishable items, the camp store is only fully stocked during the prime season (Memorial Day through Labor Day).

Q. If camper does not have enough room to fit all guests?
A. Camper rentals are $119 a night and a refundable $100 security deposit. We also allow additional tents to be put up on campsites for an additional nightly fee. No tent? We have tents we rent for an additional $15 per night.

Q. Is it acceptable to toss my cigarette butts on the ground?
A. Please keep our campground clean and safe by disposing butts in cigarette disposals throughout the campground, or in your site’s fire pit.

Q. Is it O.K. to swear and use bad language at Taylor’s Beach?
A. Please do not expose our little campers to bad language. Parents are asked to monitor their teens’ use of such language in public areas.

Q. If all of the rental RVs at Taylor’s Beach Campground are booked, do I have any other options?
A. Yes! I-Haul RV Rental will rent you an RV, transport it to the campground and even set it up for you. Visit for more information.

Q How do I redeem my coupon discount?
A. When you make your reservation you will be charged the full amount for the number of camping nights, at registration the campground office will credit the coupon amount back to your credit card when you present the coupon.

Q. If we arrive to register after the office is closed, what do we do?
A. Please call the office during office hours at 517.546.2679 to let us know that you will be arriving late. There will be a telephone on the outside office wall for you to contact someone for assistance when you arrive. 4. OFFICE HOURS Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm, Friday and Saturday 10-9pm, Sunday 10-5pm PLEASE NOTE: The office / store opening and closing times will vary before Memorial Day weekend and after Labor Day, hours will be posted on bulletin board at restroom building and on office doors. If office is closed please use after hours outside camper telephone for assistance.

Q. Can we check in early or stay late to enjoy the rest of the day?
A. Yes! If your campsite is available prior to your regular check in, or another camper is not scheduled to arrive on your check out day … you are welcome to stay for no additional charge. Check in as early as 9 AM and check out after you enjoy your day.

Q. Is it O.K. to ride bikes after dark?
A. For your safety and the safety of other campers we ask that bikes or other riding toys not be used after dark.

Q. Are you strict about your 11 p.m. quiet hour rules?
A. Yes, children and teens MUST be back at their campsites by 10:30 p.m. We insist that music is off and voices are kept low after 11 p.m.

Q. Can my dog go into the restroom/recreation building with me?
A. Dogs are not permitted in the buildings.

Q. Can I take my dog on the beach or in the lake?
A. Dogs are welcome to cool off in the stream or in the lake south of the swimming area. Dogs are not permitted on the beach, playground or in the lake by the swimming area.

Q. Can my dog be off the leash on our campsite?
A. Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

Q. Is it O.K. if I wash my dishes in the bathroom sink?
A. Dishwashing is not permitted in the bathrooms.

Q. Do you mind if campers go into the bathroom and shower building to rinse off beach sand in the sinks or showers?
A. Please help us keep the bathrooms clean by rinsing off at the outside heated beach shower.

Q. Do you care if campers leave cans, bottles and trash on the ground?
A. Please help us to keep the campground looking beautiful for everyone to enjoy, and dispose of trash properly.

Q. Can Taylor’s Beach Campground recommend a local service company to service my camper or RV?
A. MMCJS RV Repair Service offers RV and camper service work that is top quality and at really fair prices. They are extremely reliable and stand behind their work. The owner does all repair work, and this company has been used at TBC for several years with a track record of 100% completely satisfied customers. Call 517-490-4993 or visit

Q. Do tents have to camp in the rustic tenting areas?
A. No, tenters are welcome to camp on any campsite in the campground; we realize that tenters like to have the convenience of water and electric.

Q. If I’m camping in a tent or a camper/RV, is it okay if I put up two tents or my camper and a tent?
A. Only if all of the people camping on the campsite are the parents and unmarried dependent children living in the same home. If not, additional camping fees will be charged.